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Bija is a Sanskrit word meaning seed.

Bija Garden of Wellbeing begins in our garden studio, a cosy holistic eco space to seed intentions, let go, tune in and come back to yourself. Rooted in Ealing, founded by Tzaddi of Tzaddi Yoga after experiencing health & healing practices and treatments over 20 years. 

Understanding that there is more than one path to living well, she decided to help bring these holistic services, treatments and therapies together. Bija came to be.

Bija Garden seeks to reclaim our indigenous wellness. We offer diverse, safe, comfortable & inspiring classes, treatments and events in a multicultural inclusive atmosphere that will restore, replenish and rejuvenate you via the mind body and the breath .   We specialise in small shared and one to one classes, treatments and events  from our cosy garden studio in Ealing, London as well online Yoga classes and events accessible from wherever you are. 

How does our garden grow?

For every online course that runs, a subsidised space is reserved for somebody who is unable to participate due to financial circumstances

Whether it’s Pregnancy Yoga, Postnatal Yoga or Restorative & Slow Flow Yoga, we are accessible for all.

When "I" is replaced with "we" even illness becomes wellness

Our Practitioners



Tzaddi is an Artist, Yoga Teacher, Producer and Spiritual Guide from London with over a decade of Yoga experience. Her background in Arts & entertainment helped her define her body as an instrument, and her journey with yoga has helped her appreciate and refine herself as a vessel, in a truly holistic sense.

After graduating a theatre conservatory, working in the arts and navigating busy New York City, in pursuit of her own peace, optimal health and purpose, she was led to train with Master Teacher Mitsukha in the Himalayan Tradition.

Thereafter, she became a mother and she spends her time between writing, recording and teaching online as well physical classes via her wellbeing studio, Bija. She also runs classes and retreats locally and internationally. She has been featured as an expert speaker on women’s health online.

More information can be found on her website: www.tzaddilove.com


Yoga teacher and Tantric Massage

Kat is an Iyengar yoga teacher with 25 years of experience in practice and 10 in teaching. She received her certificate in Iyengar Yoga at the Iyengar Institute in London. 

She’s always improving, expanding her knowledge and practice by travelling and attending workshops and training in India, Europe and the UK.

As a continuation of her development, she discovered tantra a few years ago and its tremendous, life transforming effect of her life. With inner self-realisation, she started her first tantra massage training in the school of  The Path of transformation and later another one at the School of Healing and Awakening in London. She is a certified tantric masseur therapist.

She is also a graduate for psychotherapy in the Gestalt Therapy Institute in Krakow and Medical Academy in Łódź in the pathway of Public Health and Promotion of Health.  Privately she is the mother of three teenage daughters. 



Diane was a keen swimmer in her early teens and went on to become a personal trainer. Her fascination with the human body and the importance of keeping it healthy led her to train as a bodyworker.

Diane is a trained holistic and deep tissue massage therapist. She is also a qualified fertility massage therapist, and has completed the Well Mother pregnancy massage and bodywork course, being trained by Suzanne Yates.

She later trained in Traditional Hawaiian (Lomi Lomi) massage with Rosalie Samet, the UK's leading Master Practitioner and Trainer of the sacred art of Hawaiian Massage.

Diane says, “I’ve always loved massage, but when I had my first Lomi Lomi experience I knew that I had to learn this sacred art of working with the body. Lomi Lomi invited me to look at life from my original identity, to live more in my body and less in my head. It helped me to open up to this wisdom that is inside of me and you.”

In her own clinic Diane specialises in women’s health, supporting clients experiencing fertility challenges, miscarriages, early pregnancy concerns, complicated pregnancies, post-natal and menopause. Diane also works with men and is passionate about helping all people balance their masculine and feminine energy through bodywork. She particularly advocates for Lomi Lomi as a way to access this deeper relationship with ourselves.

She is also a yoga teacher, fasting guide & reiki practitioner, holds women circles, facilitates workshops and hosts retreats. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time in nature and loves to experiment in the kitchen as she believes in the mantra: “Let food be thy medicine.”


Yoga teacher

Having practiced yoga for over 30 years, Sheila has experienced the many benefits that yoga offers. She teaches yoga, breathwork and mindful meditation specifically for menopause which helps women manage menopause symptoms, including sleep disturbance, fatigue, hot flushes, low mood, stress and anxiety.

Regular yoga can help strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, reduce aches and pains, reduce weight gain, increase energy and support positive body image.

It combines western medicine science and eastern wellbeing practices to educate women about menopause; offering guidance for women to feel more in control and embrace the menopause as an opportunity for self-knowledge and growth. www.soulenergyyoga.com


Leila Khan

Flower Remedies

Leila Khan is a Registered Bach Flower Remedy practitioner who will be offering Bach Flower Remedy consultations at Bija Garden Studio. She first became interested in alternative and complementary medicine when her children were little. She started by giving them the usual over the counter medication to reduce fever and help with coughs and colds yet she also looked for more natural ways to strengthen their immune systems. When her daughter developed asthma aged 2 and a half she was advised by a colleague to consult a homeopath.   After many months her daughter’s nightly cough did eventually subside yet she wanted to find healing that was easier to understand and administer and that’s when she came across the Bach Flower Remedies.

The remedies have been her constant companions over the years. During the current pandemic she found her own mental wellbeing compromised by working in a stressful environment as a Nurse. She again turned to the remedies to help balance negative emotional states and restore equilibrium and peace.  Leila offers a non -judgemental safe space with deep listening for her clients. She was amazed to be nominated for a Year of the Nurse award for Service User experience and came runner up.

She is very excited to be a part of the Bija Garden community and thanks Tzaddi who has worked tirelessly to build a community of holistic practitioners to serve the local community. Tzaddi runs monthly ‘sister circles’ to empower women to take control of their own health, their families health and their community’s well-being. She is also a registered Mental Health Nurse working at West London NHS Trust interested in wider definitions of health and well-being that brings about the growth and personal development of others. How may she help you? Leila, www.waterlighthealing.com



Jasvindar, of SoundSeva, walks a shamanic path in honour of life and love. A life dedicated to ‘service’, she has 30 years of experience in managing trauma and psycho-social needs of children and adults alongside her own personal and spiritual development. 

An intuitive healer, her humble offerings are committed to empowering others within a safe and well-held space. She lovingly facilitates ceremonies where every detail holds intention and reverence. 

Her therapy repertoire includes meditation, crystal therapy and reflexology, and since she established ‘SoundSeva’ she has been sharing gentle plant medicine and sound healing for individuals and groups. In herself and in others, Jasvindar has witnessed profound shifts in life trajectories with the support of plant medicines, including Sacred Cacao, Artemisia Vulgaris (Mugwort) and Amazonian plants, such as sacred tobacco.  

She has also communed with Rose, Tulsi, Blue Lotus, Maple, Holly, Willow, White Pine and Sunflower and continues to build her experiential knowledge of the kingdom of plant consciousness. Jasvindar is driven by a passion that the world needs each of us to realign with our authentic selves so that we can ‘be the change we want to see.’ She believes that 

Mother Nature’s transformational gifts can help us with this evolving grace.  

Please see www.soundseva.com or contact Jasvindar for more information or to book for any of the therapies mentioned above.

Simone from Limitless.Cosmic. Pleasure is an intimacy coach and conscious sex educator. She teaches and coaches people to find conscious freedom and liberation in their lives; with love and respect.

After embarking on her own journey of sexual healing and awakening she strives to share her knowledge and wisdom with others through 1:1 coaching, sexual healing and education workshops. She is an intuitive energy healer and also offers services through cacao ceremony, tea and sacred herbal blends.

Her knowledge is derived from her background in science and through her discoveries of the human body, tantra and taoism. If you are interested in learning how to free up your life through embodying your true sacred sexual essence, then this is the lady for you!




 BABTAC Registered-Emma Coates Academy Facialist.

Zarra Celik is an experienced beauty therapist and nail technician of 21 years. Zarra trained in beauty therapy with some of the industries highly esteemed academies and went on to have a successful career as a celebrity manicurist working with Rihanna, Adele and Madonna. 

She is well credited for her work featured in most of the UK’s top publications. Aswell as nails Zarra also carries out facial and brow treatments.

In her skincare Consultation: We discuss health, lifestyle and skin concerns. Cleanse: A thorough cleanse to remove makeup and debris.

Skin Analysis: Skin type and condition will be determined and appropriate products will be selected. Exfoliation: To remove dead skin cells on the skin’s surface, Prevents breakouts and boosts collagen production.

Extractions: Clears clogged and compacted pores.

Facial Massage: To relax and stimulate the skin and muscles.

Facial Mask: Selected specifically to clients skin type. Finishing Application: Includes toning, serums and moisturisers. Home Care Advice: Includes advice on take care of skin at home



Tools for Healing

Patricia has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 2015. She originally trained with ANS and went on to train additionally with Gurmukh and Carolyn Cowan.

Patricia's passion is to teach Kundalini Yoga came from it being so personally beneficial. It literally changed her life and she is delighted to share that with others. Through Kundalini Yoga, Patricia discovered the gong and what a wonderful healing tool it is.
She now facilitates regular gong baths as well as playing the gong in her Yin and Kundalini Yoga classes. Patricia is also a hypnotherapist, reiki and spiritualist healer .

All of the tools she uses help people feel at ease in their body.Through this ease can come acceptance. Acceptance and ease can change everything. Patricia's true passion is to make yoga accessible to everyone. “We live in an instagram world where we see the
“perfect pose” and “perfect body” all the time. I want to help people go within and feel gratitude for what their body can do. offers group, one to one and virtual sessions.

For more information please contact her on pehtemam@gmail.com or 07504690107



Gareth Lovell (AFEA Member) is an experienced 5 element acupuncturist and mindfulness & meditation teacher. Gareth trained as an apprentice for the world-renowned acupuncture master Gerad Kite, in the Worsley style of practice.
He has since been delivering 5 element acupuncture to clients across West London. Gareth also works as a mindfulness and meditation teacher, trained by Zen Master Daizan Roshi of the Zen ways Sangha.
Gareth is also a practising Chaplain for Imperial College London, where he hosts various meditation groups and provides spiritual guidance & support.  The overall aim of acupuncture is therefore to restore the body’s equilibrium.
Gareth has several areas of particular interest, including:
Anxiety, stress and emotional and psychological wellbeingDigestive disorders / Conception, infertility and IVF supportMenstrual disordersclass Spiritual growth and connection



Sound Scholar & Therapist

Dr. Monique Charles is a Sound Scholar and Therapist. She works in academia/higher education researching the uses of music and sound. Dr. Charles’ Sound System therapy is non-contact and tailored to your needs. After a consultation, sound is placed by your ears. As sound waves travel through the body’s energy field, they help to establish and support new patterns of balance. With Dr. Monique everything’s safe & sound


Zen Shiatsu

Adrian is a qualified Zen Shiatsu practitioner, graduating and attaining his diploma from the London College of Shiatsu.
A lot of people have extremely busy & stressful lives that can impact the body resulting in back pain, disturbed sleep, skin and digestive problems.

For this reason Adrian chose Shiatsu, to help alleviate these and other issues, so people can have one less obstacle while navigating their day-to-day life.

He is also a member of the register of the Shiatsu Society (MRSS) which is the governing body that makes sure we meet the required standard to become a practitioner. In the last 20 years Adrian trained in a Chinese martial art called Southern Shaolin Five Ancestors. It has helped him with awareness of self and sensing subtle changes in others, which are some of the transferable skills into Shiatsu.

Zen Shiatsu incorporates some techniques from other systems but it has very specific methods of its own, in assisting the body to try to heal itself



Christina is a Healthcare professional, Yoga instructor,  Reflexologist, corporate executive, and all round self-care enthusiast.

With 20+years experience and interest in health care, she embarked on a journey to exploring how to maintain wellness and minimise some of the psychosomatic effects that lead to dis-ease. 

In 2016, Christina achieved the L5 qualification in Reflexology, the highest possible in the UK with the Reflexology Academy in London.



Crystal Healer

Ursula Kaprawy is a painter known for her colourful, intuitive paintings of the Inner landscape, abstract and Mind Body Spirit Life drawings celebrating the expressive capacity of the human figure.

Ursula is also a passionate crystal healer who works with crystals that have their own energy and vibration, which in turn work with your own energy field to heal, or manifest what you are seeking in your life. Crystals can help with healing of emotional wounds, spiritual guidance, manifesting a particular goal, and much more. 

A member Of Richmond Art Society, she has exhibited with the MIND BODY SPIRIT WELLBEING FESTIVAL, London, Westbourne Studios, Notting Hill and with The big To(e) Ball, The Richmond Hill Hotel. 

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