Birth Preparation for Partners

Birth Partner - Someone chosen by a pregnant woman, who assists her during the process of childbirth

Baby brain is real - not sure if it ever really goes away!

In parenthood  2 heads are better than one when it comes to remembering

That’s why I put together some tips, tools and a fun afternoon or evening that you can look forward to with your birth partner, so we can meet together in a safe, sacred and non-judgemental space.

Bija Birth Preparation is a nurturing sacred & scientific workshop to raise awareness and demystify themes surrounding pregnancy, birth & a bit beyond

Suitable for all Birthing People including :

  • Parents to Be
  • IVF Mums
  • A Pregnant person and their own Parent/In-Law
  • LGBTQ 
  • Surrogates who want to include a parent to be in their experience 

Working with your Energy and Emotion &  Paling with the incredible power of your pelvis.

Whether you are expecting a new baby for the first time, or adding to your existing family, 

You'll Also Receive

- Yoga Nidra Birthing Audio Track
- Bija Birth Mantras Audio
- Your Personal Birthplan Template
- Handouts to take home
- Postpartum Doula advice on the “4th Trimester’ and first 30 days with your baby
A bit of science, a bit of spirit and a lot of fun!
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For in-person sessions we comply with Current Covid-19 Guidelines. Our space is Steamed, Sanitised  and thoroughly  cleaned after each session. Temperature checks and sanitiser are provided upon arrival. Masks can be removed when given the all clear.

For an Empowered Active Birth


– You’re going to be a parent for the first time

You’ve birthed before and hoping for a better more empowered experience 

– It’s been a long gap between your last birth and you’re aware the landscape has changed 

Pregnancy was a unexpected surprise 

 – You’ve had quite the journey to conception and want to learn as much as possible

You are considering or have chosen to birth at home you want to feel at home in another environment 

  • Guidance which translates whatever your unique situation /circumstance helpful for wherever and however you give birth
  • Audio and Visual Tips, Tools Jewels  & Techniques

A well rounded experience for parents including Positioning, Hypnobirthing, Mindfulness , Breath work and more!

A bit of science, a bit of spirit  and a lot of fun!

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Pregnancy Yoga

This gentle yet effective online class is accessible for women in group classes from 13 weeks + or one to one classes from 12 weeks +.

We’ll go through practices to help you make the most of your pregnancy right up until your little one is ready to enter the world.

Yoga positions for Labour

Enjoy this diverse, informative and beautiful Artwork with cues curated by Tzaddi Yoga inspired by the Pregnancy Yoga classes she teaches.  Each position can be purchased individually for a beautiful e-card for any mum to be.   Made with love, by Alex Sparrow. Please note, this is a complimentary aid in conjunction with proper instruction with a certified and insured guide for necessary adaptations & adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

In some areas, evidence based yoga is available as a social prescription activity. Please enquire with your local GP practice and ask to be referred to a link worker with whom you can discuss your individual needs and suitability for the Bija Pregnancy Yoga course by self-referring

To make the course as accessible as possible some classes are available on a sliding scale. Please see the website for more information. Are there any free spaces? For every course that runs a free space is reserved for somebody who is unable to participate due to financial circumstances. Contact us for more information.We have worked in partnership with MumsAid as well as Fivexmore to help make the course more accessible.

The course is also available in a more bespoke setting via one to one sessions in the studio, at your home or on Zoom. Private classes offer a more direct approach to posture, offering personalised adjustments for where you are in your pregnancy, with a more flexible schedule to suit you. Shared classes, where you can join with a partner or friend are also available. Please contact us for further information.

All props are provided including blankets however we strongly suggest you bring your own towel or blanket. You may wish to bring your yoga mat, pillow or props if you have them, an additional blanket and some cosy socks for your relaxation. Bring some water as well to ensure you stay hydrated. If you are undertaking the online course, then apart from anti-slip mat please

You’ll Need

  • Time
  • A laptop or tablet
  • Space to practice – 6ft by 5 ft should be enough to move around comfortably

This list of props will enhance your experience and enable you to make the most out of the class:

  • Yoga mat (anti-slip)
  • Strap or long belt or scarf
  • Bolster or 2 thick cushions/pillows
  • 2 blankets
  • 2 yoga bricks or big, thick, hardback books (dictionaries are great)
  • Eye pillow or covering
  • Chair (from time to time)
  • Birthing ball (optional)

Safety is of paramount importance – please ensure your mat is sticky enough to support your changing body without slipping and your peripheral area is clear of obstacles. A waiver or email consent must be signed in order to participate.

Consent Form


Wear comfortable clothes you can move in. You are welcome to keep your socks on when layingbut please ensure they are non-slip

Subject to availability, you are welcome to come along to the first session and pay for that one class as a one-time stand-alone and then sign up for the full 10-week course. Email us for this option

Enrolment closes after week 2. Therefore, if you are unable to make week 1 but are able to make week 2 then you may still undertake the course choosing to pay the full course fee or paying the remainder. Unfortunately if you have not been able to attend weeks 1 or 2 it will not be possible to attend subsequent weeks of that particular course.

Yes. To join the waitlist contact us via wellbeing@bijagarden.commentioning your current status (pre or postnatal, your preferred day/time of class and which course (s) you are interested in attending; whether Online or In Person–Group, Private or Shared classes

If any of the following warning signs occur, it is advised that exercise should be terminated:vaginal bleeding, dizziness, headache, chest pain, muscle weakness, preterm labour, decreased foetal movement, amniotic fluid leakage, calf pain or swelling and dyspnoea without exertion.Additional contraindications are listed  here. Hot yoga should also be avoided during pregnancy

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