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Restorative Yoga

Why Restorative Yoga?

Whether you’re feeling stressed, burned out, in need of a boost or or simply craving the space to return to your best self,  Restorative Yoga is accessible for you. Though you will feel the difference after one class, this practice offers a cumulative effect which when practiced regularly can be transformative.

What to expect

This class creates a friendly environment encompassing gentle movement with the use of props to guide your body towards optimal health.

With minimal yoga asanas (postures) you will be nurtured through guided meditation in a slow restorative flow with the support of blocks, bolsters, blankets and more.

Once aligned, some positions are held for longer periods of time allowing the body to open and stretch, encouraging flexibility, tone and deep relaxation.

Through this journey of active rest, healing begins, culminating in a wonderful state of deep ease.

All Levels welcome

            As long as you can breathe, you can participate.

-Wear Comfortable clothing

-Socks are welcome and encouraged

-Though provided, participants are welcome to bring their own pillow, blanket or eye-pillow

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