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Fertility Yoga aka Integrative Care for Fertility (ICF)

For those choosing to incorporate a holistic approach toward conception. 

 During our 12 week programme, we’ll look at your lifestyle, breath work and tailor movement to enhance you on your journey toward greater wellbeing.

  • Take time for yourself with or without a partner
  • Receive holistic advice on your monthly cycle 
  • Reduce stress & anxiety 
  • Learn yoga positions to support fertility 

Bija Yoga for Fertility will gently guide you through 12 weeks of detoxing, breathing, relaxing, restoring and strengthening the body through specific asanas (postures).

You will also receive a digital journal along with Ayurvedic recipes including teas and herbs offering a safe space to support you in reaching your goal of having a baby.

The course is available in a one to one, partnership or small supportive shared group.

Online or in-person with a hybrid format for a mixture of both.

Please note : Should you become pregnant by the end of the 12 weeks all necessary adaptations will be made. You can also  use a minimum of 2 credits toward  Pregnancy Yoga sessions.

A note on Baby loss

Baby loss can be stressful and devastating at any stage , whether through miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, compassionate induction/termination or through losing a baby, post- birth. Some may carry trauma from experiences within your  family.  At Bija Garden we aim to support you in every way possible in a nurturing, calm environment. We are also happy to  refer you to other qualified professionals such as therapists or organisations experienced in baby loss. 

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